Top 5 Myths – Forex Trading Myths – Everyone Should Know This!

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You may have heard of the revolutionary new way to make tons of money by investing in the Forex markets. People claim to be making so much money that they have decided to share their secrets with you so you too can make that money. If you believe that is true, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell to you.

There are so many stories circulating about Forex trading that it is hard to determine what is true and what is exaggerated. Let’s discuss a few of the supposed facts.

Myth #1: Forex trading can be accomplished by anyone. While many claim to be very successful, only about 5% actually win. That means 95% are losing their money.

Myth #2: You can buy inexpensive software that will make you more money than you can imagine. If this were true, then 95% of traders would not lose money. The only winners here are the people who sell the cheap software to unsuspecting fools.

Myth #3: The market is supposed to be predictable through science and math. No one can really predict how the markets will move; if this were true there would be no market as anyone would know the prices. The market is unpredictable because human nature is involved in the process.

Myth #4: Hard work is not needed in order to make lots of money. It would be a wonderful world is this was true. Imagine sitting on a beach, drinking a daiquiri and just waiting for the money to pour in. Hard work is needed. It is very rare that success comes to those who just sit around hoping.

Myth #5: No system or strategy in required for success. The successful 5% will tell you that not only do they have a strategy in place, but they also have to learn to deal with losses. How you deal with loss is just as important as how you deal with wining. Learn to take your losses and run with the profits.

Now that we have examined some of the most common myths, you have to make your own determination on how to proceed. There are products on the market that claim to have a very high success rate such as the MegaDroid program. You will have to decide whether or not to believe its claims yourself.


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